Whispers on the Wind

Just a myth I heard...

Out on the prairie was where they loved. Like playful birds, they swooped and flew in and out of each other, with innocent joy shining in their eyes. Little did they know what was to come, and little did they want to know.
The sun shone down on them, blessing their love with its warmth, and they were happy. The world could be as small as that prairie but they wouldn't have minded, so long as they had each other.
It was there that they built their home: four stone walls to protect them from the cold winds that had started to blow. They sheltered together, nestled like animals in their little house.
They should have known better: stone may protect you from the elements, but not even the enveloping arms of your lover can protect you from the inevitability of time.
The world found them, and dragged him away to war - to another place where they could not be together. Left behind, she yearned for him day and night. It all seemed so empty; so meaningless without him: the house that they'd built was made for two.
Time passed and so did the lovers. Who knows what happened: maybe he returned, maybe he did not. Without her love, she turned into the rambling ruin that now stands in the middle of that prairie, and now there is no sign left of those two and their everlasting love. What once seemed so real is now but a myth, whispered in the unfurling wind.

The End

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