Prologue, Page 5Mature

Don reached the massive estate that he and his wife shared in just under an hour, as promised. When he screeched to a halt in front of the enormous mansion within the grounds, he bolted from the car and raced for the birthing room they had prepared for her. He found it crowded with several people, including the doctor they had hired along with his nurses and a few personal attendants.

Don pushed through the crowd, shoving the others aside, including the doctor. “Reanna! Are you okay?”

She nodded to him, breathing heavily, but smiling, happily relieved to see him home safely. “Yes, my love. I’m so happy you are here now.”

Her smile and her voice filled him with such warmth and love that he couldn’t help but to smile back before inspecting her. He saw that she was in heavy labor and far along already, but was using her mana to ease her pain and aid the process.

Don knelt down between her legs to the protests of the doctor and used his own mana reserve, which was freely given to him from his wife, to coax the babe from her mother’s womb. It took mere minutes, and soon the baby’s little head could be seen, and then she was free. She cried for a moment, but Don scooped her up in his arms and sheathed her in the loving light of his blue mana, invisible to the other humans around him, but it caused the babe to stop crying and coo in his embrace.

A nurse tried to reach for the baby to clean her and let the doctor inspect her, but Don merely snatched the towel from her and did the deed himself. He knew she was healthy and well.

She was perfect.

“My beautiful baby girl. My little Taylor Calvin. I promise I’ll always be there for you, and you will always know love.”

Then he walked over to the head of the bed and laid the girl in her mother’s waiting arms, and they both showered the tiny girl with loving affection. And as Reanna looked upon her daughter, she began to weep with what Don thought were tears of happiness.

Unlike his wife, Donald Calvin never realized that his newborn daughter was missing half her soul.

The End

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