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Bryce began to move to the far side of the room so that he and Don could flank the archon. Attacking him from multiple sides might be the only chance they had for victory. Don palmed a few of his special archon grenades as he moved into position. Bryce dashed to the archon just as Don released the charged steel orbs.

But Visnau reacted with inhuman speed, swatting the orbs away before they could unleash their torrent of energy. Still, he was caught in the blast of a few flashes and staggered. Unfortunately, Visnau had purposely deflected one of the orbs directly at Bryce. It flashed before his eyes and dropped him to the ground. If he were any less skilled in the use of archonic energy, he would have succumbed to their pacifying effect, but his green mana flared within him and saved him from that fate.

He looked up to see that Don had evaded the blasts and moved in on the archon while he was vulnerable. Bryce struggled in vain to join his friend, but he was still too disoriented from the grenade’s effect. Don attacked Visnau with several slashes of his large knife, cutting the archon grievously – and how he howled in pain! – but he recovered before Don could end him.

He crushed Don’s hand and gripped him by the neck, crushing the life out of him. With his good hand, Don tore at the archon’s grip. It was no use. The archon was far too strong. But with his mangled hand, Don reached toward the empty space beside him.

“This is nothing,” the archon taunted him. “I’ll send you to oblivion, mortal, and there you will know true pain and true craving!”

But a soft blue light began to emanate from Don’s outstretched hand. It quickly grew into a brilliant blue sphere that pulsed with the light of a true archon. Then it flashed in a blast of energy that engulfed the room. Bryce felt the love coming from the light – a healing light that allowed him to regain his feet. And he recognized its source.


When the light faded, he scanned the room again. Don knelt on the ground where he had stood a moment before, but he looked refreshed, and his hand was restored. The dark archon, Visnau, lay crumpled on the ground by the far wall. And the blue sphere pulsed and hummed in the air.

Visnau raised his head and scowled at the disembodied light archon with a look that somehow expounded both hate and extreme lust. “Rejahn!” he spat the name with venom in his voice and crawled to his feet. He advanced on Don and the blue archon slowly, gauging the light of the other archon, ignoring the human.

“Terry, you with me, brother?” Don called, but never took his eyes off Visnau, twirling his blade in his hand. “We have to support Reanna, let her take his fury and take him down while we distract him.”

“Yeah, I got you, man.” Then he had a thought, Wait, that blue archon is really Reanna!?

The humans let the archons engage each other, blasting each other with storms of orange and blue light. Then Bryce charged Visnau again as Don lanced him with hurled blades. As soon as he came close, Bryce realized the archonic energies would wear him down quickly, but he was determined to do his part. He pounded at Visnau and took the damaging flashes of orange light that lashed out at him in response. It was like hitting an unyielding wall, and he hastily retreated into the healing blue light of Reanna.

But they were succeeding. Visnau was staggered. He growled and cursed, but it helped him naught. The blue light penetrated him, and Don’s knives and Bryce’s fists rained down on him. Then he slumped to his knees and let out a furious howl and a final blast of violent orange light.

Bryce and Don were thrown back once again, reeling and disoriented on the floor. Bryce recovered first, still bathed lightly in Reanna’s healing glow. Nonetheless, it took a great effort to shake his head clear and look up. Visnau lay on the floor again, this time unmoving. But the blue archon, Reanna, was lashing out in apparent pain and dissipating before his eyes. She faded in a final fragmented flash of energy and was gone.

“What now?” he asked Don. “What the hell just happened?”

Don took a moment to regain his composure before speaking. “She bought us time, but the deed is not finished. We need to contain him. With this.” He held up a crystal prism which seemed to be made of pure blue energy.

He walked to the fallen dark archon and reached forward with the crystal. Bryce watched as a stream of orange mana began to leave the prone human form and enter the crystal prison. But it did not go easily and fought and lashed out at Don with every pulse that was drawn from the body. And each attack pierced the blonde man deeply.

“What the hell, Donny!? What are you doing!?” Bryce yelled at his friend.

“It’s the only way, Terry,” Don said, grunting through the pain. “I’m sorry. I have to do this. You tell Reanna that she made this possible. Tell her I love her more than anything, and that’s why I need to make her – and the world – safe from this vile bastard.”

Terence Bryce walked up behind his friend, staring at him hard. Then he struck suddenly with a powerful blow of superhuman strength and archonic energy that laid him low. “No Donny, you are too valuable to lose like this. You have a special little girl on the way – a family to take care of now. You make sure my boys knows what kind of daddy he had. You make sure he grows up right.”

Then he picked up the crystal.



The End

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