Whispers from the heart

Just a something

It was the most beautiful night, the moon shining on both of us driving the shadows away. His hand closed on mine, it send shivers through my body, warming me with its sensation. The grass beneath us was cool and soft, holding our bodies barely tangible to the world. I smiled at him and he returned my smile with a brush of his lips on mine. I giggled, and he kissed me...

“...and did you finish the physics homework?”I felt a pain between my ribs as my friend nudged me with her elbow. “Hey, I’m talking to you!”

“Ouch, what?!”I demanded, rubbing my side.

“You were daydreaming again!”she accused.

“Yeah, so?”I gathered my stuff and walked away, some solitude was all I needed at this moment. I walked under the changing colors of the trees, the falling leafs formed a curtain of orange, red, and yellow, falling before me forming a path. I breathed the autumnal winds and let my heart guide me to a magical place.

We strolled, hand in hand, our toes burying in the sand. The setting sun had painted an orangish atmosphere, from afar, in the sky, stars were starting to appear...

Something blocked my way, the next thing I knew was that something heavy fell on my foot. My mind was brought back from happiness as I focused on the events of reality. I looked down and saw a boy bending down, gathering his books and mine.

“Hey, I’m so sorry about running into you,” he said, holding out the books to me.

“I think you should be more conscious and careful as to where you are walking.”

I stared at him, my eyes were lost in the blue depths of his. I took my books from his hands and thanked him.  

He gave me a last smile and walked past me, right under the falling leafs. I turned and look at him, unable to leave until I saw his figure no more. My heart was thumping hard underneath my chest. I strained my ears to figure out what my leaping heart was telling me.

The moon sailed up in the sky, parting the clouds from its path. I looked out of my window and wondered. It was well past midnight and I couldn’t fall asleep, I turned and let the moonlight guide me to my bed. I pulled away the covers and rested my body on the soft bed. I closed my eyes, sleep had always come quick because I was too eager to be brought to the land of dreams where everything I wished for was granted.

I lay quietly on my bed, my thoughts were dominated by the boy I had seen today. He was unlike the princes of my dreams solely in the fact that he was real. That night I had no dreams, I couldn't t have them because it was in Reality that my heart wished to dwell in.
That instant I remembered a voice calling in my head, calling from the childhood. It said:

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

I couldn’t agree more and waited eagerly for the next day to come, when the sun will replace the orb in this endless cycle of Life.

{Dr. Seuss}

The End

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