~ The Catch ~ pg 8

Finally, she faced Civyl again. He still stood with his arms crossed in front of him. She had expected him to argue and berate her for making him wait longer, but thankfully he had held his tongue in a semblance of patience. She gave him a smile of gratitude. “I promised you answers, and I will give them,” she nodded, right before her body shivered, still chilled from waking up with no blanket on. She cringed, realizing how cold she was and gave him a sheepish look. “But do you mind if I wake a fire first? I am absolutely freezing.”

His features hardened and Fiora braced herself for his angry refusal when he opened his mouth, but he surprised her. “I have many questions that must be answered before I will move on. A fire would be good. I will… help you wake one.”

Fiora smiled at this change. “Thank you,” she said encouragingly seeking out Alex’s reaction. He was a picture of calm serenity as if he’d expected nothing less. She’d have to ask him about it later. “Well, if you’re going to help wake the fire, there is something you need to know about it.” 

Fiora spent the next few full ticks re-teaching Civyl what he had forgotten, mostly sticking to answering the questions he asked since there was so much to tell. It was mid-day before he seemed satisfied and much less agitated. They shared a light meal before putting the fire back to sleep.  

Civyl looked east with a frown. “This quest that the ‘Sight’ has given me… I am not convinced I want to go on it.”

She looked at him in worry. “But you mustYou are the Fire’s chosen. This quest, wherever it takes us, is our only hope to save us all!”

“Save us from what?” he asked in exasperation.

Fiora had not wanted to think about it again but if Civyl needed convincing, she would tell him. “There is fighting in the east. An army of men with swords kill and burn all in their path. They leave death and destruction in their wake. Men, women, children… none are spared. And they are coming west. We must stop them. You must stop them!”

“How do you know?” he asked. “And how am I supposed to stop an army? By myself?!”

She shook her head as he balked. In her imagination she could almost hear Nivia’s chiding. Stubborn man! She missed the woman’s company terribly, but she would not let Civyl’s current misgivings endanger the world. She ignored his question this time and hefted her pack. “Come on,” she grunted. “There is still daylight ahead of us. Let’s put some distance between us and the mountain before the sun sets.” 

She started walking at a good clip, without turning around to see if he followed. The pull of the quest would drive him to it eventually. If it was strong enough to send him off the cliff, he would not be able to resist. Fiora didn’t know where they were going, or what they were walking into, but she understood one thing that had made itself clear to her on her journey so far. This quest was hers as much as it was Civyl’s. The sight was just showing her the direction she needed to go. She was Lady Fiora, Knowledge of the Air, and the world as she knew it depended on them both.

The End

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