~ The Catch ~ pg 6

Where was Borris? He would understand. She spied him across the plateau saddling up his horse already. The poor man had already given up on them. “Borris!” she called across the wind and his head snapped up in surprise. She shot over to him like an arrow, “Borris, Alex is alive! We’re all alive!”

His voice held a husky timber to it when he ventured to respond. “Fiora? Is that you?”

“Of course it’s me!” she blasted him in the chest for doubting her. “You have to tell the others we’re okay!”

The next few ticks were a confusing mess of questions and explanations of how the sorcerer had pushed her off the cliff through Alex and how the wind had caught her. How Civyl had been driven to jump off the cliff by an unknown force and how Fiora had caught them with the wind. It took much assuring and reassuring for them all to believe it, but eventually their tears and fears were traded in for relieved smiles.

“But what do we do now?” Demil asked. “We can’t just leave Alex down there. And we can’t expect him to travel back up all alone, and on foot. Not without any supplies!”

“Civyl will not let us bring him back.” Fiora let Borris relay her thoughts to the others. “The pull of his quest took him off a cliff! I doubt he’d be able to go backwards and I will not leave him.”

“We do what I had intended when I first saw him go over,” Borris answered quietly. “We follow him down and bring him.” Fiora was moved by the statement. That Borris had been intent on retrieving his brothers body was touching and she brushed the back of his hand with a breeze to show her approval.

Demil backed away from the group suddenly fearful.“I ain’t jumpin’ off a cliff!”

“Don’t be absurd,” Nivia chided, “We can’t leave the horses behind. I have to bring my medicines!” 

“We will not be able to stay at the bottom of the cliff, though.” Fiora added, “We will have to keep moving towards Civyl’s quest.”

“We can catch up with the horses,” Demil assured, excited now that cliff jumping was not an option. “As long as we know where they’re headed.”

“Straight east,” Fiora said, “And I can keep in touch on the wind, too. Make sure you’re headed for us.” 

“Then it’s decided,” Borris announced. “We saddle up and head down the mountain to get Alex.”

All heads nodded. All but one. Chink had been very quiet with his arms folded in front of himself as he listened to the others. Fiora wished she could hear what he was thinking. While the rest of the group dispersed to start packing up he stayed where he was and Fiora stayed with him stirring the snow on the ground next to him. “You scared me.” His voice was still hoarse from calling for her. “I don’t like bein’ scared.”

The End

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