~ The Catch ~ pg 5

“What is she doing?” he demanded of Alex who stared up also. 

He met Civyl’s gaze slowly, his neutral expression back though a tiny smile lifted the corners of his mouth. “I expect,” his voice held amusement, “her spirit is travelling back to the plateau so she can tell everyone else not to mourn for our deaths.”


Alex held up a finger as he released his hold on her shoulders. “That is something I will let her explain when she returns.” He walked calmly towards Civyl lowering his voice. “But before she does, I must ask a favor of you.”

Civyl’s brows knitted in distrust. “What?” he rumbled.

“Can you at least be polite?” It was not a request Civyl had expected and gave him pause. He had been rude to the girl. Very rude, if he was honest, in reaction to his churning insides. “It may not mean anything to you right now,” Alex continued quietly, “but she is in mourning.”

The concept increased his chagrin. He didn’t know why he wanted to know but he asked anyway, “Who did she lose?”

Alex did not answer at first but finally said, “Her intended husband.”

Civyl squinted his eyes at the man. “I thought that was you.”

Alex averted his gaze. “No. No it isn’t.”

“You want it to be,” Civyl stated the obvious.

Alex shrugged with a coy smile as he stepped back towards the girl. “I have not hidden my wishes from her, but she has not chosen me.”

His words made Civyl sad and he looked up to where the wind had carried her spirit. Maybe it was because all he knew right now was what he could see with his own two eyes, but he stated the obvious again. “She will.” 


She found Demil at the edge of the cliff staring down. “Alex!” he wailed. Fiora swept the hair away from his face but he did not recognize her in the movement of the wind. 

Nivia stood next to him looking out over the expanse. “It’s no use,” she said more to herself than to Demil. “He’s gone. They’re all gone. There is no hope for any of us now.” Fiora tried to comfort the woman with a windy embrace but she only ended up making her shiver instead. 

She moved on to find Chink searching the plateau frantically. “Fiora!” he called for her, not ready to concede she had also gone over the edge. His voice was hoarse with the effort. “Fiora, where are you?!” She swirled around him making the snow dance about in flurries, but the big man did not understand.

The End

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