~ The Catch ~ pg 4

It was the girl who responded, though. “Oh, Civyl!” She said his name and it rang true. One piece of information. One crumb of truth. “Are you all right?” she continued. “Your leg, are you hurt?” Her concern was a comfort, but an unwelcome one. He should not care if she be concerned. 

She reached for him, fingers brushing his arm with pinpricks of electricity. Civyl snatched his arm away. “Don’t touch me!” he growled with a rumbling voice he did not recognize. Frightened, she dropped her hand and backed away. Her eyes held wariness as the man stepped up behind her protectively. He placed his hands on her shoulders keeping a carefully neutral face. Ignoring the girl, Civyl stared at the man. “I want answers! Who are you? Who is this sorcerer I hear you talking of? And why did I jump off this Wisdom forsaken cliff?!”

“Civyl, please,” the girl started again. “Be calm. I promise I will explain everything, but it will take time.”

His stomach churned at his name on her lips. He wished she would stop talking. “I don’t want answers from you, girl,” he sneered both satisfied at the way her face fell and angry that his gut twisted more from it. “Answer me!” he demanded of the man, whose neutral face fell to a frown as his hands tightened on the girl’s shoulders.

“I have no answers for you, Civyl,” he responded with cold calm. “Either you will hear your answers from Fiora or you will have no answers at all.”

Civyl blinked. Fiora… Yes, that was her name. It bounced around inside his head both familiar and foreign. It made him incredibly sad. How could he have forgotten her name? Civyl took in a sharp breath and nodded his head in deferment. He just wanted answers at this point. Any answers. 

He crossed his arms as he waited for her to start but she looked up instead. His gaze followed hers. The plateau was impossibly far above them. “Alex, I have to tell the others,” she stated. The man, Alex she called him, nodded, but Civyl was indignant. What did she mean tell the others? They were a suntick’s travel above them now! But before he could protest, Fiora’s head snapped back and a gust of wind whooshed straight up the cliff side. Her eyes turned a cloudy white as she stood there. Frozen. 

The End

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