~ The Catch ~ pg 3

A blast of wind rushed up at him before he met the earth. It blew so hard Alex felt like it might rip the clothes right off him. It slowed his fall but did not stop it and he landed with a thud that left him breathless. Breathless… but alive!

Fiora stood there, her arms raised and her hair whipping around her body. Fury was written on her face, the likes of which he had not seen since she sought revenge on him. “Tears of Wisdom!” she chided, “What in all Kavaccet do you think you’re trying to do?! Of all the idiotic things–” 

“I’m sorry,” he managed to spit out when he could finally draw breath again. “I didn’t mean to! I… I would never hurt you, Fiora. You have to believe me.”

“Of course, I know that,” she snapped with a growl. “I wasn’t talking about the sorcerer pushing me.” The sorcerer? Was that what it was like to be controlled by the sorcerer? Alex shuddered at the thought. Fiora didn’t seem to notice, though, and continued berating him. “I meant trying to kill yourself because of it. Idiotic!!” She threw her arms up in the air for emphasis. “What would that accomplish?! What if I wouldn’t have been able to slow you down? Alex! You could have… You could be…” 

At the hitch in her voice and the tears in her eyes, Alex scrambled to his feet. He wrapped his arms around her just as the sobs stated but her rage had not abated yet. She beat her fist against his chest and he let her. “I was so scared! Forsaken promise, Alex, why did you jump?!”

She stopped hitting him and pushed her forehead into his chest, just letting him hold her. “I didn’t,” he tried. The words drew her gaze to his. She didn’t look like she believed him. 

“He didn’t jump," The sound of Civyl’s voice gave both of them a start. "I did.”  Both had seemed to forget he was even there… that he had just fallen and almost died, too. The fury on Civyl’s face rivaled that of Fiora’s as he limped towards them. 

The End

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