~ The Catch ~ pg 2

Fiora took one of her last breaths. Civyl had forgotten her again but Alex… Alex knew her. Alex loved her. He wanted her to stay with him. She might have been happy as Alex’s flower, yes, but there was a catch… 

She was too late. 

The sorcerer had gotten to him first. Fiora had seen it coming. The look in Alex’s eyes… it was the same way Civyl had looked at her when he’d held a sword to her throat. Someone else had been looking at her through his eyes. Someone who wanted her dead.

Fiora did not cry out when Alex pushed her or as she fell. Death, actually, did not seem that bad a concept right now. If it would spare her the pain of seeing Civyl look at her with empty eyes, then death was welcome. The wind rushing at her was not a new sensation; it was like flying. …and falling was almost like flying. Only the abrupt stop at the end would be different. 


For twelve years Alex had not thought it possible, but it had happened. His heart loved again. Fiora's admission rang in his ears. She loved him too! But there was a catch…

He was too late.  

Something… someone had taken control of his arms and pushed her off the cliff to her death. The rushing wind on his face dried his tears as he faced the ground waiting for it to make his end. It seemed appropriate, to share her fate.  Living without her would be impossible. He might well have jumped on his own even if Civyl had not carried him over.

Alex wasn’t entirely sure why the man had jumped. By the confused look on his face, he didn’t seem like he knew why either. Perhaps he had not lied about the tether that drew him towards Fiora… Even in death?? So it seemed. Truly it was a strong tie to her then. Just as strong as the connection Alex felt towards her. It would have been wrong to try to separate them, even thought the man could not remember the love he had with her. And now… they would all be dead. One more thing they could share, he laughed bitterly as he neared the ground… 

…but there was a catch.

The End

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