~ The Catch ~

He reveled in his victory, laughing wildly with his arms sunk up to his elbows in the Lucent Divide. He had done it! He had finally killed the girl of Air! And not a moment too soon, either, as she had stood on the precipice of the Mountain range boundary. The Man of Fire belonged to him!! There was none that could stop him now. 

The puppet he had taken over now cried for the girl and The Manifestation laughed all the more. The fool! His heart was doomed from the start. Through his puppet’s eyes he looked down the cliff face wondering if he could spy her broken body at the bottom. But the man turned suddenly. Instead he was gifted with the sight of his new possession. The Man of Fire ran to the edge of the cliff. He too was a fool, looking for his forsaken promise, but The Manifestation would use him as the blessing the Earth had promised. One lost promise was replaced with another; a stronger promise.

The Son of Earth wondered, though, why the Man of Fire did not slow. What was he doing? He ran straight for the puppet who did not move out of the way. No… NO!! What was he doing?!! The puppet closed his eyes but The Manifestation could still feel him as the Man of Fire ran into him and took them both over the edge of the cliff to share the girl of Air’s fate. 

“NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!” His scream of rage echoed throughout the cavern, reverberating to a deafening crescendo. The Lucent Divide cracked and splintered and shattered with such force he was thrown against the far cave wall. In a daze his jumbled thoughts tried to understand what had happened. The Man of Fire… he’d jumped off the cliff. Why?? … The answer came to him with a bitter stab. He’d done it for her! The cursed Girl of Air had stolen his blessing even in her death. Is that what the Earth’s prophesy had meant when it said ‘before’ she reach the mountain? He had managed to kill the girl, yes, but there was a catch… 

He was too late!

Now his blessing was gone as was his crystal wall. It lay in a billion pieces all around him, stabbing into him… mocking him. It was beyond fixing this time. Unless he devoted another ten years to its re-growth, the Lucent Divide would never sing again. He did not have ten years. He had failed… No! He couldn’t fail! He would not fail the Earth! The Earth must be cleansed! He would find another way to do it. The Son of Earth would cleanse his Mother of the human filth.

The End

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