~ The Push ~ pg 7

Civyl turned and his feet took off at a brisk walk. Faster. Now a jog. Faster! Now a run. The pull was irresistible! He had to answer the call but… he was running in the wrong direction. The path down the mountain was on the north side. Civyl ran straight east. Straight towards his quest. A part of his mind thought that he should stop, that he should turn, that he should take a horse instead, but his body was not his own. His body belonged to the quest and the quest lay straight ahead. That was where he was going. 

The other man stood in his way, alone at the edge of the cliff. The girl was not with him and it gave Civyl comfort though he did not know why. “Alex! Look out!” Someone shouted behind him and the man in front of him turned, confusion and tears on his face. 

Ten paces away, Civyl locked eyes with the man. Such pain in their depths, but no surprise that Civyl ran straight for him. Instead of moving out of the way, he seemed to wait. 

Five paces, the man closed his eyes. 
Two paces, he whispered a word. “Fiora…” 

Civyl leapt at him with outstretched arms and they were both carried over the edge. Falling. Falling. 

Civyl’s brow creased in confusion. Why had he jumped off the mountain’s edge? The pull… it had been too much. He’d had to follow. And now he would die before he reached his goal? Senseless! 

As the ground rushed up at them Civyl found his last thoughts being dragged once more towards the girl despite the ache it brought to his chest. Why had the man been crying for her? What had he called her? …Fiora? Where was this Fiora… and why did he care? Bah! Even in death… she was such a distraction!

The End

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