~ The Push ~ pg 6

Civyl moved quickly from bag to crate looking for the things he needed. A big man with a bald head slapped his hand down on the flap of one bag. He practically seethed with disdain as he pointed a fat finger a few bags down. “Yer stuff is o’er there, cur.” Civyl gave him not another thought as he moved mechanically to the bags indicated. 

Clothes, boots, bedroll, rope, weapons, canteen, and food. That was all he really needed, right? You need me… The girl’s words echoed unbidden in his mind and he frowned. He did not like how the girl made him feel, he couldn’t even describe it. It was uncomfortable to look at her or even think of her, yet somehow he found himself drawn to do just that. 

Such a distraction. She could not come with him as she suggested or he would never reach his destination in time… wherever that was. Somewhere amid the forests that this mountain top overlooked lay something that pulled at his very soul. He had to go. There was no question. As his eyes sought what called to him, he spied the girl standing near the edge of the plateau. She was wrapped in the arm of a different man. Father perhaps… or husband by the way he looked at her. 

Civyl had to turn his head away from the pair as his gut twisted. He swore under his breath as his chest constricted in pain. Who was this girl, that his very being rebelled at the mere thought of her? She had seemed to know him. She had expected him to know her, but she also seemed to recover quickly when he assured her he didn’t. Civyl grabbed his pack and threw it over his shoulders. If he had ever known her, he was sure that he had not liked her. He had to leave before she could follow. She would be such a distraction and unpleasant company besides if his initial reaction to her was any indication. Yes… he had to leave. The call of his quest jerked hard on his side, painfully even. He had to leave, and he had to leave NOW! 

The End

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