~ The Push ~ pg 5

She pulled away from him just enough to look him in the eye. The answer was there, staring at him. She loved him, too. But she frowned and pulled away further, leaving his arms and backing away. “I can’t…” she answered shaking her head as if to convince herself of it. “I can’t stay here. I have to go with Civyl.”

“Why?” Alex demanded, feeling guilty as he remembered Civyl’s words; that he could not go without Fiora, but now he doubted the truth of it. He’d said them only after Alex had shown his heart, only after Civyl felt threatened in his standing with Fiora. If Alex could convince her to stay, he might spare her much heartache and peril.

“I am his promise,” she started, sounding like she wasn’t so sure. “And… And I saw it,” she stammered. “The wind showed me. I saw the fighting, the dying… I saw what Civyl needs to stop before it overruns the world and he needs me,” she finished with confidence. 

I need you!” Alex countered stepping forward even as she backed up again. His selfish ambition was beginning to win over. How could he convince her? Maybe if he could kiss the girl. The backdrop of the foreign land behind her and the edge of the plateau looming, Alex took another step forward and another until she could no longer back away. There was nowhere for her to go. “Fiora, please don’t leave. I can’t bear it. My heart beats with your heart. You are my heart. I love you!” 

Her eyes widened to hear him say it out loud for the first time. Their hearts raced together as her lips parted. He stared at them just wanting to kiss the girl. They formed words that wafted to his ears. Sweet, sweet words that set things in stone. “I love you, too.” 

Alex reached for her and stepped in, closing the final gap between them. Their eyes were locked and a tremor of fear flashed behind hers. She knew what was coming. 

Kiss the girl. 
A heartbeat. 
Kiss the girl! 
A breath. 
KISS the girl!!

 Alex leaned his head down and… KILL THE GIRL!! 

Fiora disappeared from his sight and Alex blinked. The vast forest filled his gaze instead. He was so startled by her absence, their link was broken. He turned his head in confusion. “Fiora?” Where did she go? Alex looked down at his hands held straight out in front of him. They hung over the edge of the cliff he had backed Fiora up against. What was that last thought that had run through his head? Kill?! 

Something deep inside of him laughed. Something sinister. … But… he couldn’t have… No! It was impossible! Pushed her off?! He couldn’t have!!

The End

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