~ The Push ~ pg 2

The Birchwoods began to stir in their bedrolls. She didn’t want to disturb them further so Fiora got up and looked around. She found Civyl on the other side of the horses filling a bag with food. “Civyl,” she chided. “It’s still so early. Why are you packing now?” He did not even seem to hear her and a new dread started to take ahold of her already frozen soul. No… Oh, no... Please, no! Not again! 

“Is everything all right?” 

Alex’s voice startled her but she ignored his question stepping up to Civyl and pulling on his arm. She couldn’t keep the waiver from her voice. “Please, Civyl, stop packing and look at me. Please.” Her touch finally gained his attention and he straightened up to his full height. “Civyl…” her voice cracked with fear at the emotionless look on his face. “Do you know who I am?” She didn’t need him to answer to know the truth. His eyes – one blue as the Sea of Cadmire and one as vibrant green as an oak in the Season of Suns – looked past her with no recognition in them at all. 

“No, girl,” he finally answered after giving her a brief once over. Fiora heard Alex suck in a breath behind her and move away as Civyl continued. “I am very busy. I must head for the… the…” He looked confused for a moment, searching his mind for a name to a place he’d never known before. Finally, he raised his hand to point straight east. “I must go there. It is crucial I be there by mid-day of the fourth suntick.” 

Fiora nodded an understanding on the outside, but her heart was screaming on the inside. It wasn’t fair! She’d just gotten him back – her Civyl – and now here she was with a stranger once more. The pain of it was too much to bear… but bear it she must. The Sight had taken him again. Fiora was suddenly aware of the rest of their party, awake and standing just behind her. As much as she felt like dissolving into tears or screaming at the top of her lungs or both, she had a bit of dignity left. She took a cleansing breath. “I am here to help you,” she managed. “I will accompany you as you travel.” 

Civyl scoffed sounding much like he had the day they had left Kavaccet. “You cannot come with. You will only slow me down. I must travel fast.” 

Fiora was undeterred. She’d dealt with this attitude before. “I have information essential for the success of your quest. You will need me…” 

Before she could tell him what he would need her for, Civyl gave a harsh laugh, the rumble of his voice turning cruel. “I need nothing from a mere girl. You are not going with me. That is final.” He pushed past her and opened a crate, rummaging through it for something she did not pay attention to.

The End

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