~ The Push ~

The air stood before her, moonlight shimmering on its form. It took her hand and she flew with it out over the land beyond the mountain. “Where are we going?” she asked, but the wind gave her no answer. Instead, they sped above the trees impossibly fast. East and south through the star filled night until a light started to flicker in front of her. The pit of Fiora’s stomach churned as a familiar stench reached her nose. The light was a fire and it carried the scent of death.

People were running and screaming all around her. Girls and boys no older than herself lay dead and dying in the roads. Men with swords cut them down without hesitation or consideration for their youth. The scene was a horror that played out in front of her. All warmth left her body and a frigid chill enveloped her soul. She was as helpless as it was hopeless… she couldn’t even cry.

Then, just as quickly as it had brought her, the wind carried her home – heart still frozen with fear and anguish over the events she had seen. There was little comfort in the fact that the fighting was so far away. She knew they were coming and they would not stop. Not at the mountain. Not at Kavaccet. Not at the towns to the west. “On the earthhh there will be cleansssing.” The wind hissed it in her ear and a violent shudder wracked her body. The world as she knew it was ending.

Fiora woke shivering violently. She was alone in her bedroll and the fire had slumbered back to only embers. “Civyl?” she called for her promised wondering where he’d gone. Before she froze she stocked the fire with new wood and woke the flames again. “Civyl?” she called again, but there was no answer. 

The End

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