~ The Pass ~ pg 12

Tonight… Tonight Civyl’s promise would be fulfilled. Tonight the bloom would open for him. “I am ready,” she whispered into his ear as he nuzzled against her neck. 

“Ready for what?” 
“To be your flower, of course.” 

The fire roaring behind them leapt momentarily before Civyl gathered his response. “Fia, my Fia,” his whispered voice rumbled against her hair. “I have waited for my promise for sixteen long years, and it warms my heart to hear you confirm that promise.” He paused long enough to kiss her on the forehead and each cheek and once on the lips. “You never wavered in your loyalty, even when I rejected you, and I thank you. I am the luckiest man in the world to be promised you as my bloom.” Fiora blushed at his compliment a little embarrassed that she had wavered… for a short time. His gaze was intense and the fire surged at whatever emotion he was feeling. His voice was thick when he continued. “I would love nothing more than to make you my flower, Fia, but I would not ask that of you here. Not on the cold, hard ground. Not in the open among strangers. A mountain top is no place to open a bloom.” 

For a moment… she thought she would be disappointed but instead she found herself greatly relieved. Civyl was right. The mountain top was a beautiful place, but not the most comfortable, nor the most private. She kissed him back, the first time she had instigated a kiss and he melted against her, the fire leaping to new heights and proof that her efforts were not wasted. “You are most generous to continue to wait for your promise,” she teased when she let up. 

He smiled, breathless in the fire light and turned to lay beside her. “No more kisses for tonight, Fia, or I may find my generosity has disappeared behind them.” Fiora snuggled against him warm and secure. The chill breeze rejoiced in her happiness as she fell asleep in his arms. In her Civyl’s arms!

The End

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