~ The Pass ~ pg 11

Fiora thrilled at his touch and the press of his lips, but more than that, she rejoiced in his eyes. They held recognition. He knew her! This was her Civyl! She had him back and suddenly there was no other choice before her. She had been silly to even entertain the notion. This is where she belonged, wrapped in the arms of her lifelong promise. They stood in each other’s arms so long, she didn’t notice that the rest of their party had gathered the horses from the narrow road and brought them out to the broad plateau. 

Someone finally spoke up. She thought it was Demil. “There’s no one here. Now what?” All eyes swiveled towards Civyl who just shrugged. He didn’t know what came next, either. 

It was Alex who finally cleared his throat turning gazes to himself. Fiora’s heart constricted momentarily at the pain she saw there. He would not look at her now… but had he watched Civyl kiss her? Part of her ached with chagrin that he had and that it had hurt him. His voice was low but strong, echoing across the expanse. “We wait.” 

That seemed to decide it. No one argued with him as they made preparations to set up camp. A roaring fire, a fine meal, a hushed discussion about how long to wait and when to head back. Time buzzed by so quickly and Civyl never left her side. She didn’t think of Alex for long as Civyl engaged her in lively discussions about what it was like to have forgotten everything and what their lives would be like together now that he remembered. 

The sun seemed to set later on this side of the mountain but only because they were no longer in its shadow. Watching the sunset from here was an amazing experience. Never before had she seen it set anywhere other than on the mountain. 

When darkness finally did descend over the night, there was no hesitation from Civyl when he offered to share his bedroll with her and no argument came from anyone else. With excited trepidation, she agreed and lay down in his embrace. For the first time, she was in her Civyl’s embrace. Had it really been only a fortnight since she’d left the sanctuary? It seemed like a lifetime ago. If it had not been for the Sight and Civyl’s lost memory, she would already be his flower –his wife. 

The End

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