~ The Pass ~ pg 10

As beautiful as it was, though, Alex felt like something was missing. There was no one else here. There was no one to meet… no one to fight… Nothing but a beautiful view of a strange land awaited their arrival. Alex couldn’t decide if he should be glad of it or not. As the adrenaline buzzed in his system, it yearned for an outlet. What they would find here?! ‘Nothing’ was a very unsatisfying answer. 

The clang of a sword hitting the ground startled him and Alex turned to find Civyl wide eyed and breathing hard. “What?” Alex asked looking around to see if he’d missed something. “What is it?” 

Civyl met his gaze with an intensity he’d never seen in the man before. “I…” he stammered and his hand flew to his face where his restored eye was. “I…” he turned and looked at all of them and then beyond them where they’d left the horses. “I remember!

Alex froze as a broad smile crossed the man’s face. As his feet carried him back the way they’d come, Civyl’s voice rose in excitement hollering, “Fiora, I remember! Fiora!” She came around the corner on foot at the call of her name and Civyl caught her laughing. He lifted her in the air spinning her around. “Fia, my Fia, I remember everything!

“Everything?” she asked with an equally excited gleam in her eyes. “Really and truly?”

“Everything,” he assured as he put her down in front of him. She beamed at him and he beamed back. In his joy, Civyl clasped her face and pushed his lips to hers. 

Alex averted his gaze turning his back to them as a solid pain settled in just under his rib cage. Still he sensed Fiora’s blood surge. Screwing his eyes shut against the experience did not help him escape it. Too soon!! He wasn’t ready for this! He wasn’t ready to say goodbye! 

A hand on his shoulder distracted him and he opened his eyes to Borris’ understanding concern. “I’ve lost her,” he whispered out, confiding in his brother as he never had before. “I can’t… I can’t even see beyond it. I’ve already lost her! What do I do now? How do I live?” 

Desperate eyes begged his brother for solace, and while Borris tried, Alex did not take comfort in his words. “You start to realize she was never yours in the first place, and you move on.”

The End

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