~ The Pass ~ pg 3

The wind gave her no further direction as she dressed and headed back to the campsite. Both men were in the forefront of her mind as she turned the last bend… and found them both staring at her. Her heart thudded mightily… for both of them... she could not choose. She threw her gaze at the ground and found something else to occupy her mind. Not until after Civyl’s quest was completed, she decided. Only after that would she choose which part of her heart would continue to live... and which would surely die.

Alex and Civyl were not going to make it easy, though. When it was time to mount the horses, Alex was swiftly at her side. “Fiora, you could ride with me again if you like,” he offered then cleared his throat. “Clover misses you.” Fiora guessed Clover was not the only one missing her.

Civyl was right behind him with his own offer. “Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to ride with me.”

Alex bristled and stared him down. His words sounded civil but his eyes stared daggers. “That would not be very wise?” he cautioned. “What about the sorcerer?”

“He has not made any further attempt,” Civyl countered. “I think we have been overreacting to the threat. It is just a ride. Besides I won’t be alone with her. You can ride right next to us if you are concerned.”

By the look on Alex’s face Fiora could tell he would very much dislike having to ride beside her instead of with her. His brow creased with a bit of desperation before he burst out his frustration, “And what good would that do when you may shove her off your horse to be trampled by the rest of us?!”

Fiora watched as Civyl’s eyes grew wide and defensive. She couldn’t stand to be here between them any longer, fighting… over her! Because she couldn’t decide. Or perhaps she could, if she found her voice. “Actually, I was hoping I could ride with someone else today,” she stammered out. Both men swiveled their gazes to her in mutual distress. The three other Birchwoods also lifted their heads in her direction. Demil smiled winningly at her while Borris looked hopeful. Only Chink frowned at her. “Chink,” she blurted out her choice. “I would like to ride with Chink today… if that’s all right,” she added in way of asking the man’s permission. 

The End

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