~ The Pass ~ pg 2

Perhaps it wasn’t fair, avoiding them both, but Fiora didn’t know what else she could do. Not with her stomach turning in knots every time she saw either of them. Alex stirred her fear. Fear of the unknown, of the unexpected… of the possibilities that could change everything she had ever expected in her life. Civyl brought on her guilt. Guilt for allowing herself to love another man so much… but why should she feel guilty? She didn’t ask for these feelings, they just grew and grew and overwhelmed her heart. Perhaps it was guilt for not making a concerted effort to stop it from happening… or perhaps it was from entertaining those possibilities and considering what if… There were multiple doors open to her. Which one should she step through? She didn’t want to make that decision. Not now. In truth, not ever. As long as she avoided them, she could also avoid making a choice.

She kept herself busy, helping Nivia mostly with making sure all of her herbs were dry and packaged correctly before they headed out again. She also spent some time thoroughly drying everyone’s cloaks with the wind, and their boots, and trousers, and tunics. When she ran out of things to dry, she excused herself to change back into her riding clothes and take care of other private needs. She queried the wind and was delighted when it returned a report of a branch of the mountain brook, turned waterfall by the heights. The water was so cold, icicles hung from some of the rocks, but the tumbling water was too much a temptation to pass up. Out of the nightdress and under the showering falls Fiora yelped at the frigid waters. She scrubbed ferociously fast and jumped back out so the wind could dry her. 

It stood before her again in bodily form; just a cloud of a person. The corner of its mouth was turned up in a smile… a smile of complete acceptance, she had learned, and complete trust. When she didn’t know what to do, she still knew she could trust the wind. When she didn’t know who to choose, the wind would always be there for her.

The wind cocked its head sideways whispering a word up and down her arms. Choooosssssee…

Fiora blinked. Had the wind read her thoughts… or had she made an unconscious gesture of communication? In either case she was sure the wind had observed more than enough to know how torn she felt. “But I love them both,” she whispered. “How can I choose?”

Choooosssee, the wind insisted again, wrapping warmth around her, though she did not know where it found warm air around here. Chooosssseeee wissssssssely.

The End

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