~ The Pass ~

When morning broke, the sun finally shown down with a modicum of warmth again. At least enough to clear the ground of ice. Civyl breathed in deeply, enjoying the crisp mountain air that held promise of fair weather for the last leg of their journey. Today would be the day, Civyl could feel it. They would reach the pass well before sundown and he would reach his quest. A whole day ahead of schedule, even! 

What would he need to do once he was there? Was he meeting someone? Would he battle someone? He only had a sense of urgent need to reach the pass but no further direction. He hoped he would know what he needed to do once he got there. 

Despite the trepidation of not knowing what he would find, it would be none too soon as far as he was concerned. The sooner he and Fiora left the Birchwood brothers behind, the better. There had been a shift in Fiora’s demeanor during the night. She could no longer look him in the eye for long. Neither did she let her gaze stay on Alex. Either she had noted the tension between them or realized the man’s affection or – Wisdom forbid – finding herself lying with both of them had given her... indecent thoughts. Whatever the unspoken reason, she only risked fleeting glances at both of them now. 

Alex himself had also noticed the change and was so off-put, he had found the boldness to ask him, of all people, what was wrong with her. “Is Fiora all right? She doesn’t seem like herself.” 

Civyl had shrugged at the man. He wasn’t about to get into a conversation with Alex, or anyone, about what his promised may or may not be feeling. Not now. Not ever! 

Today would be the last day they’d have to be together anyway. Alex could deal with it on his own. When Fiora had come back and found both men staring, her cheeks flooded with color and she threw her gaze at the ground doing her best to find herself busy with anything that did not involve either of them. Yes, Civyl thought, the sooner we are away from all of the Birchwoods, the better. 

The End

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