~ The Rain ~ pg 15

She was honest with herself then and she had to be honest with herself again. There was only one response that rang true. I love you, too. It was the answer to her questions and the reason behind her actions. Fiora loved Alex. Yes, she loved Civyl, but… I love you, too… I love you, too! Was it her imagination or did his pulse quicken? Maybe it was hers that sped at her admission. Wrapped in both of their arms; it felt right. Wisdom help me, I love you, too. They both felt like they fit exactly where they were. Fiora never wanted to be without either of them… how would she tell Alex goodbye at the Pass? How could she bring herself to lose this part of her life she’d just found when… I love you, too, Alex… Fates in heaven, what was she going to do?  


Alex had found her heartbeat as soon as he’d laid down next to her. Much too slow. Once he had settled at her side with one arm on the ground next to her and the other resting underneath the one Civyl had placed across her stomach, he dared not move, lest the man think him indecent. But Alex’s thoughts raced. 

More than her blood, he sensed her emotion. Confusion and fear reigned as she shivered. Despair even. As her body stilled, so also her emotions settled but not for long. Though she made no sound or movement, Alex could tell she was waking. Fiora’s emotions soared and her heartbeat sped. What was she thinking of? 

Alex wished he could sense her thoughts as easily. What inner discussion might generate the trepidations and passions he was feeling from her now? I love you, too. He imagined she had thought it before, on their ride together. And now his mind repeated the mantra in unison with her surging blood. Could she…? Could she love him? Should she…? Should she choose him? Would she…? Would she stay with him? Did she…? Did she really feel that way, or was it all in his own mind? 

As if in response, her fingers twitched at her side. They reached out to brush his hidden hand. She did! Risking the movement, Alex entwined his fingers with hers and squeezed. He would never let go. He had a chance! A chance to be whole again… to stay whole! Alex fell asleep contented and drempt of Fiora at his side.

The End

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