~ The Ride ~ pg 11

And it suddenly made sense. Trina’s words… or rather the way she had said them. Her emphasis, "SHE did not lie." It implied something… it implied that Alex had been lying. Lying to himself and to Trina when he’d said he didn’t love Fiora. He’d known… some part of him had known, but he hadn’t wanted to admit it. He hadn’t wanted it to be true… because even if it was true that Fiora did have love for him, she was devoted to Civyl and Alex would never have her, not truly.

As their hearts thrummed in unison on the ride, Alex knew he was as close as he could get to ever being whole again… and he would likely never see Fiora again after they said goodbye at the mountain pass. It was more than a miserable ride… it was utterly cruel, taunting his heart with the promise of a mending that would never last; a forsaken promise. Just as all promises were. 

Alex did not notice the tears on his face until the breeze rushed by to dry them. Fiora pulled Clover to an abrupt stop and swiveled around in the saddle hooking her foot on the pommel for balance and breaking their contact and link. “What’s wrong?” she asked with doe-eyed worry. 

He blinked, unable to answer. He should have kissed her… Cupped the back of her head with his hand and kissed her. He should have… but his fear won out. He knew she would never choose him over Civyl. And it wouldn’t be fair to ask her to. At least that was what he told himself. 

“I…” he stammered, trying to give reason to his tears. “You…” he stumbled again before finding words that would be viable. “I have not been the most gracious host. You remind me of someone. Someone that it hurts to remember…” 

“Avery?” The name flowed so easily from her innocent tongue. 

He nodded slightly, agreeing with her assumption. “I’m sorry that I have been so cross with you.” The least he could do is make their last few days together pleasant. 

“You miss her,” she stated as if it was enough to excuse him. 

“Very much so.” If you only knew the truth. 

Fiora broke eye contact and lowered her voice, “You loved her.” 

“We all did.” More than I had right to. He squeezed his eyes shut, forcing more tears out… The mother of my child… Avery. 

She surprised him then, lifting her head and a hand to brush away his tears so she could leave a kiss on his cheek. “She was a remarkable woman, indeed, if she managed to capture the heart of this Birchwood. I have heard it’s a difficult thing to do.” 

The End

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