~ The Ride ~ pg 10

“Use your element,” he finally breathed. “Let your element anticipate the horse’s movements for you.” As if on cue, a breeze stirred Alex’s hair and swirled around their horse. There was immediate improvement as Fiora listened to the wind’s direction, almost as if she’d been riding her whole life. Even Clover noticed as he whinnied his delight and started to pick up speed. Alex smiled, his lesson complete, “Take the reins,” he said offering them to her. She took them without hesitation and urged Clover faster in her joy. 

They started to pass the others. First Borris with Nivia, then Chink and Demil. He worried a little as they started to overtake Civyl, too. Alex caught his initial reaction of surprise and disapproval when Civyl’s eyes found Alex’s grip around Fiora’s waist, but then they lifted to her face and whatever the man saw there gave him pause enough to hold his tongue and hide his ire. 

She turned to him, beaming, “Civyl, look! Alex has taught me how to ride properly!” There was such pride in her voice, it was little wonder why Civyl slapped on a smile and hid his true emotion. “We’ll make it to Hailie before the night falls for sure!” 

Civyl gave her a nod. “As long as you don’t push yourself too hard,” he replied giving Alex a meaningfully stern look. 

Fiora laughed in response, not even noticing the men’s silent exchange. “It’s so much easier, now. I feel like I could ride forever!” Alex did not doubt her words. He could feel it, too. At least for this moment, Fiora was in top form. She laughed again and started to pull into the lead. “I want to see how fast we can go,” she hollered back as she kicked Clover into a gallop. 

Their heartbeats soon fell in line with Clover’s hoof beats, not quite as potent as syncing hearts, but still effective. They quickly put so much distance between them and the rest of the group Alex could no longer see them. He breathed deeply as her hair whipped his face and wrapped his loose arm across his chest resting his right hand on her left shoulder and holding her to him. Closing his eyes, Alex saw her through his other senses. They moved as one. They breathed as one. They lived as one. He found it difficult to imagine being apart. 

The End

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