~ The Ride ~ pg 6

Fiora shrugged, wincing a little with the effort. “We have tarried too long at Nivia’s house and I know how important your quest to the mountain is. I am still sore but I will endure it for the sake of the quest.”

Civyl’s voice dropped to a whisper as his gaze intensified. “Fia, my Fia, nothing is more important than you!” Fiora’s breath caught at the use of his pet name for her. She had not heard him utter it since the day before they left Kavaccet. Was he remembering?! Her heart was full of hope. If the Birchwoods had not been clinging to her sides, she would have grabbed Civyl around the neck and stolen a kiss for the thrill. As it was, they were not even giving her an inch.

Alex’s voice intruded from her right. “I will have her ride in front on the next leg of our journey, Civyl.  There should be less strain on her shoulder that way and I will be able to see if she needs to stop again. Plus, it will give her a better view, besides the back of my head, eh?” Alex chuckled lightly, a far contrast to Civyl’s severity.  

He did not take his eyes off her. The emotions behind them looked to be tearing him apart but he managed to keep them inside and only gave Alex a simple nod. Reluctantly his fingers left her cheek and he turned away. To break the awkward silence that followed, Fiora addressed the healer. “So you have never met an earth healer? You have never met Nivia?”

He was back to his jovial self, being released by Chink. “Oh, no, dear child. No. And best I never do,” he responded adamantly. He looked around himself warily before continuing as though divulging a secret. “Not all are aware, but The Wisdom has forbidden earth healing. On penalty of death!” he emphasized. “If I were to witness her in action, I would be legally obligated to turn her in if not execute her myself. It is something one learns only after years of service in the peace keeping force. The reasons for it are a mystery, but I believe it is because earth healers can learn to cheat death itself!” Fiora pressed her lips together, thankful that she had not gone ahead with the introduction first. “Immortality…” he clucked his tongue and shook his head in disapproval. The familiar movements not lost on any of them. “It is a blasphemous thing!”

The End

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