~ The Packing ~ pg 4

He gave her a nod. “Livin’ on the streets gave me ample opportunity to explore all of the hidden places in Brittner. Please accept these few items on my family’s behalf. It is no burden, really, and my wives would be remiss and not a bit too gentle with me if I fail to convince you of it.”

Fiora finally let her fingers drift to the boots again. The Lynnson ‘sisters’… Demil’s wives, were lovely people. She would be glad to have reminders of their friendship with her. Fiora nodded with a smile as she met Demil’s relieved gaze. “Thank you, Demil, and to your family for providing for me when I have nothing to give in return.”

“Each of my wives and I know what it is to have nothin’. We would not want you to think on it any further.” On impulse Fiora ran over and gave him a hug, burying her nose into the folds of his shirt. One half-sob, half-laugh escaped her lips when his arms lifted to circle her in return. “Dear lady,” he cooed as she sniffled, seeming to know that her mind was no longer on what he had given her. “Dry yer eyes. He will come 'round. I can't imagine how sick he must feel knowin’ he’s hurt you, but he will come 'round again. Be patient with his fear.”

Reluctantly, she let him go and nodded. He cupped her cheek with a silent farewell and left the room. Fiora grabbed her travel bag and started filling it. She had to rearrange everything a few times to make it all fit, but eventually she found a space for every package. One pair of socks she left out and slipped her feet into them. They did not feel too constricting as she wiggled her toes in them. The boots, however, were very tight – at least she thought so – and did not allow any air in to reach her poor feet. They made her feel heavy and clunked on the wood of the floor instead of glided. More than once as she tried walking the length of the room, she tripped. She did not like them, but they were going to be necessary. She vowed not to wear them a minute longer than she had to each day.

Looking about the room, and deciding she was as ready as she could be, Fiora slung the pack onto her back. She smiled as the movement did little but stretch her tight muscles. 

The End

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