~ The Packing ~

Fiora woke a few more times through the day and into the night, but each time a hot cup of tea was ready and waiting beside the bed. Fiora gulped it down greedily before she had time to wake fully. More than just dulling the physical pain, it helped her escape emotionally by lulling her back to sleep. It did not work fast enough to escape every memory, though. The look on Civyl’s face when she had tried to hug him had been heart-wrenching. Arms stiff at his side, he was terrified to be near her, but being apart still brought distraught tears to his eyes. Knowing she would only be forced to be separated from him if she stayed awake, Fiora rolled over and waited for the tea to take blessed effect.

Finally, she woke to find not a cup, but her riding clothes illuminated by a dimly glowing lantern. They must be heading out soon. It was before sunrise so Fiora turned up the lamp to brighten her room and took everything with her to the wash room. Only after clicking the door closed, did she realize that the tub and basin had been emptied in preparation for the trip. She was not going to be able to wash in here. 

The reflection of the lamp in the looking glass caught her eye, though, and Fiora’s fingers found their way to the bandage on her neck. She had not even seen the wound Civyl’s sword had left. Neither had she really examined the hole through her shoulder. Would it leave scars? She just hadn’t had time to check. 

Curiosity led her to peeling back the bandages in the flickering lamp light. Remarkably, only faint pink lines on her neck showed any sign that her skin had been slashed open just a day ago. Nivia’s mending had done wonders. Even the bruising had completely vanished. What had Nivia put in that tea?

Next she checked her shoulder, which was still rather sore. She unwrapped the area expecting to find it – at best – scabbed over… but the healing there was just as remarkable. More so! The stitches had been removed sometime while she slept and though she was sure the circle of new pink skin would indeed leave a scar, the wound looked to be weeks old instead of days. With tentative stretching, Fiora tested the soreness and found it was less from damaged tissue and more from the stiffness of underused muscles. Reaching her arm up over her head was the hardest, but she could do it! Surely Alex was also healing as fast. It made her heart glad to know his wounds were healing quickly.

The End

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