~ The Farce ~ pg 7

“Don’t the Birchwoods get a say in the matter?” Borris asked. “I say we go.”
“Me, too,” echoed Demil. 

Chink, who’d listened silently thus far, grunted in his usual manner. “Ain’t none of our business. We should stay ‘ere.” Civyl noticed he kept a disapproving eye on Borris and Fiora from his place against the wall.

“I would rather go alone,” Civyl added to the opinions. “And leave Fiora here.” If her tether let’s me, he thought to himself. Oddly enough, the same men who frowned at the idea of going with also frowned at the idea of being left with Fiora. Civyl started to suspect that it wasn’t the travelling or the danger that was deciding their minds.

With three strongly for, and three strongly against, it seemed that Fiora would decide the vote, if indeed any of them honored it as a vote, which Civyl didn’t think they would. But instead of asking them to go or requesting that they stay, Fiora changed the topic. “You spoke true, Alex. She was there.” Her gaze lifted to meet Alex’s who stared at her blankly. “At the peace keeper camp,” she partially clarified. “She was the one who ordered I be brought back to Kavaccet.”

In the face of everyone’s continued confusion, Nivia was the one to ask the obvious question. “Who, child? Who?”

“The Wisdom,” Fiora answered still staring at Alex. “She truly has forsaken Civyl’s quest.”

Collectively, those in the room breathed deeply in surprise, except for Civyl. After a full pause, more questions followed. The same ones he had asked himself when the healer had mentioned her.

“Why would she do that?” 
“Lady Darya was responsible fer those ruffians?”
“I thought she sent you on this quest…”

“I thought she did, too,” Fiora answered, “But something must have changed. She learned something she didn’t know before…” The way she let the comment trail off made it seem like she had an idea what it might be and everyone waited for her to tell them. “I travelled to her on the wind,” she admitted, “maybe three or four days back. That was when she first called me The Knowledge.”

Alex started to nod, the wheels of his mind picking up momentum as a cart rolling down hill. “Maybe the people are losing faith in her powers. We know she never really had the foresight the Wisdom is supposed to. Think about it. If she could really tell the future, she would have known we were coming to get Fiora from the peace keepers and leave a larger force there ready and waiting. Instead, we slaughtered the nine she did leave. I think Lady Darya has always been a farce and if she knows you are the real Knowledge, she is likely envious of your real power.”

The End

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