~ The Farce ~ pg 6

“Ah, we’re still not going,” Alex argued.

“Not going where?” Demil’s curious voice came from behind him. He walked lightly down the stairs followed shortly by Chink and Borris. All three observed Civyl across the room and Alex’s firm grip on Fiora’s arm. They exchanged silent glances between themselves.

 “I was saying that we are not going to be pulled into this forsaken quest in order to babysit Civyl and his promised.” Alex’s answer was condescending and Civyl’s hands balled into fists when he saw Fiora wince from a tightening of his hand on her wrist.

“Stubborn man!” Nivia exclaimed. “You must go! We all must go! There has only ever been one reason for The Sight to walk the earth! To prevent the destruction of the world! And WE must help him!” 

Everyone stared at her in stillness for a tick. Finally Chink broke the silence. “Why do you say this? How do you know?”

She sat back down with a heavy sigh. “ I have been told the stories of old. And when we returned to Master Akasha's hut I found him scurrying to pack his bags as if his life depended upon it. He is a very old man, though he has never said how old, and he has lived to see many things that most men have forgotten. Even as powerful as he is, Akasha is fleeing to the west simply because he knows The Sight pulls you east to the mountains. He said that if you fail in your quest, Civyl, then there is little hope in surviving the wrath that will follow.”

“And you want to lead us into that?” Alex was indignant, “Without telling us of the danger first?!”

“She did just tell us,” Borris broke in, thankfully removing his brother’s angry hand from Fiora. Civyl watched as the man shared a kind smile with her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder in support. Fiora smiled back and relaxed against him. Civyl was glad for her comfort, but his fists remained clenched. He wanted to be the one to comfort Fiora, but her safety demanded they remain apart. “Besides,” he continued, “they will need the horses anyway.”

Alex snorted at the idea, “We can send them with the mule.”

Demil was the one to protest next. “They could not travel quickly enough. Even with the mule, one of them would have to walk.  If they left now, kept a brisk pace on foot and did not stop to sleep, they still might not reach the pass.” He took one glance at Fiora’s drooping head before he continued. “Fiora is in no condition to travel at a brisk pace, or at all right now. They need the horses. We must go with them.”

Nivia nodded her agreement. “It is decided, Alex. We will all go on their quest and see them through the pass.”

“Like Tarous it is!” Alex stared daggers at the woman. “Go on their wisdom forsaken quest if you want to, but the Birchwoods are staying here!”

The End

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