~ The Farce ~ pg 5

Civyl stared at her, dumbstruck. When he found his voice again he was shaking his head. “I couldn’t ask you to leave Brittner for me. It is bad enough that I have torn Fiora from her home; I couldn’t ask it of you, too.”

“You had no trouble asking this morning,” Alex’s dour comment floated into the room from the kitchen. “Never leave us alone together,” he mimicked. “Remember that? My nod in the face of your aggressive demand does not bind me to you.”

Civyl cringed at his tone and stared down at his lap. “It was unfair of me to ask,” he offered in apology. “We are not your responsibility. I do not expect you to honor a promise made in such haste.”

“At least you speak with reason. I have already decided we will not be going with you.”

Nivia stared sharply at Alex, but the next feminine voice to carry itself into the conversation came from the stairwell. “And I would not expect anyone to worry about coming with us either.” Fiora stood on the second to last step, pale but determined in her blood stained nightdress. With deliberate slow steps, she made her way down and into the room. “There is no reason to worry,” she stated with cool confidence. “We will be perfectly fine.” She turned her gaze to Civyl and started walking towards him. With sudden fear, he backed away and he watched a sorrow cross her expression. “Civyl…” she pleaded her eyes desperate as he backed up further. Even though they had agreed his promise was not binding, Alex still strode to her side and placed a firm hand on her arm, holding her back. Civyl was thankful, but Fiora was livid. “Let me go! He’s not going to hurt me!”

“Sorry, my dear,” Alex tried to calm her. “We all desire your safety.”

“I’m not in danger!” she snarled but seemed not to have the energy to pull herself free.

“You should not be out of bed yet,” Nivia chided as she stood. “You need your rest to heal.”

“I feel fine,” she snapped back, though all could tell it was a lie. “Where are my clothes?” she demanded. “I would like to get dressed so we can leave.” Even as she said it, she leaned on Alex to keep herself upright.

“I’m afraid you’re not going anywhere today,” Alex laughed gently. 

“Besides,” Nivia spoke up, ”we all have much to prepare before we set out.”

“You’re not coming with!”
“We’re not going with!”

Both Alex and Fiora shouted their protest at Nivia at the same time causing the woman to frown. Civyl caught Fiora’s eyes. “You cannot come with me alone,” he said. “I refuse to put you in further danger from myself.”

“Civyl…” she protested but his features were set and she seemed to read his resolve.

The End

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