~ The Farce ~ pg 3

“Okay.” Trina smiled and passed them over, but when their fingers brushed she gasped and her smile vanished. Alex had felt it too… a surge of power passed between them and her eyes widened with whatever knowledge she had gained. “She is leavin’ soon,” she stated slowly and Alex nodded. 

“I expect on the morrow,” he admitted.

Trina hesitated a long time, seeming to wrestle with her own indecision before making up her mind. Her gaze into his eyes was beseeching. “Go with ‘er,” she whispered.

The suggestion startled him. “What?”

Trina took one of his hands in both of hers, and though there was no feeling of power this time, Alex still worried his soul was laid bare before her. “Go with ‘er, Alex,” she insisted. “Follow ‘er when she leaves. For both your sakes; she named you!” 

Alex sighed, thinking he understood now. “Trina,” he started gently, “Demil has already explained that, but the girl does not love me. She was hiding the truth. She loves another.”

Trina’s eyes narrowed to slits as she dropped Alex’s hand. Her voice was low but adamant. “Your ‘eart, Alex… it loves again. Follow ‘er!

Alex couldn’t help it. He laughed. The implication was so absurd. “I know your intentions are good, my dear, but I do not love Fiora.”

Trina frowned before she looked to the forest floor for a moment, her brow creased. When she looked back up, he had expected to see embarrassment or apology in her expression… but instead what he saw looked a lot like pity. “I ‘ave been lied to by many people in my seventy odd seasons, Alex. I know what it feels like.” Trina took a few steps away from him but held his gaze steadily, with confidence. She spoke so quietly he almost missed her words. “It may not have been all of the truth, but she did not lie.” Before Alex could wonder what she meant by her emphasis, Trina turned on her heel and melted back into the forest she had come through.

The End

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