~ The Farce ~ pg 2

“Asleep,” Alex answered, wishing instantly he hadn’t.

Trina’s eyes shot up in suspicion “Asleep? But it’s almost mid-day! What was ‘e up to last night?”

“Well,” Alex started, knowing he would not be able to get away with a lie to her, “we had a little disagreement with some folks about whether or not Fiora should return to Kavaccet.” He watched her eyes widen and pushed on to calm her. “But we got it all sorted out. Fiora is free to travel as she sees fit.”

Trina’s eyes narrowed a little at his explanation and he worried that she could see right through his vagueness. To his relief she smiled and accepted it. “That’s good. ‘Cuz we got ‘er some fancy ‘ikin’ boots an’ I don’t think Grant will take ‘em back if she don’t need ‘em.”

“I’m sure Fiora will be very grateful.”

The statement made Trina laugh. “If she will accept them at all! She refused Demil’s charity at the market.”

“And Kami’s also, I heard. Demanded on paying reasonably?”

“Thirty coppers for ‘er outfit,” Trina confirmed with a nod, “But I’m ‘opin’ ‘e can convince ‘er it’s no burden to our family if she lets us ‘elp.”

Alex smiled. If Fiora thought she could be a burden to Demil and the Lynnson sisters, then she obviously did not know his role in the underground market. He was the one who founded it in the first place and the one who owned all the buildings with entrances to it. The merchants of the market did not pay taxes to Kavaccet, but the rights and protection of selling at Demil’s market – while much cheaper than taxes – were still not free. He could easily be the wealthiest commoner in town. If Fiora did not want to accept charity from him after knowing that, then it would be her own pride’s fault for her lack of clothing.

“I can make sure she gets them,” Alex offered, holding out his hand for the mule’s reigns.

The End

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