~ The Farce ~

Alex paced the perimeter of Nivia’s home. Even though he was as tired as everyone else, he was too upset to sleep the daylight hours away. He shuddered to think what would have happened if he had not decided the rug in front of the fire looked more appealing than half a bed in a crowded room upstairs. Or if Civyl’s passing footfalls had not woken him. Or if Fiora’s first startled cry had not stirred him to concerned action. If Alex had kicked open the door just a moment later, he would have been too late.

And now what? Civyl had elicited a promise from him, a promise to never leave the two alone together… but how could he expect Alex to keep it? They were supposed to leave for the mountain pass! Alex swore under his breath. He couldn’t in good conscious just let the two of them leave, not knowing that Fiora could be in mortal danger from this… this unseen sorcerer. The wound over his heart throbbed at the thought and he swore again. 

“Good mornin’ to you, too, Alex,” a sweet and playful voice caught him by surprise. Alex looked up into the curiously mirthful eyes of Trina who led a pack mule into the clearing. It was encumbered with many packages. 

“So sorry,” he sputtered out quickly, trying to push all thoughts of the present situation from his mind. He knew the girl’s perceptiveness – they all did – and Alex did not want her to worry. Instead he focused on Trina and what the pack mule carried. “What’s all this?”

“Oh, you know Demil,” she smiled, “always the generous one. ‘E didn’ want yer newest rescue to start out ‘er new life with only the clothes on ‘er back.”

Alex nodded trying not to think about how recent his ‘newest rescue’ had actually been. “That was very thoughtful of him,” he responded carefully. 

“I can’t stay long, though. Vera needs me back ‘ome for dinner rush. Where’s Demil at?” She looked past him towards the house.

The End

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