~ The Puppeteer ~ pg 7

He stared hard at the blood-smeared crystal before him. Cracks spidered their way across the face, but at least it had not shattered. He had pulled out in time. Still, his frustration had reached a level of exasperation that sent his fist to pound ineffectually on the wall. The repair would take days… he did not have many days left. The man of Fire was aware of him now and had resisted his enchantment. Even in full belief of the dream, still he had hesitated… 

…because of her! 

The girl of Air! He swore into the empty chamber. It had been her words that had stayed his hand, her pleas that he had listened to. Man of Fire was to be his blessing! And his alone! The girl must die! But it was harder to establish a foothold each time and time was a luxury he did not have. 

The Earth herself had given him the words of warning and words of encouragement also. Where one day, there had been smooth flat rock, the next day beautiful calligraphy had been carved into the stone without mark of a hammer or chisel. He cherished the words Earth gave him, chanted them to himself every morning and night, they were his inspiration and motivation and now he feared he would fail them.

Son of Earth, kill girl of Air
before she reach the mountain.
Ensure the fates of human filth;
on Earth there will be cleansing.

Man of Fire holds the key
to cleansing Water’s fountain.
Bind him fastly to thy side;
his curse will be your blessing.

The Earth had called him her son… he had known no greater honor. But he must complete his task for her. The Earth would be cleansed!

The End

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