~ The Puppeteer ~ pg 6

Civyl did not respond at first and Chink took an impatient step towards him. “Answer 'er!” he growled, but Borris held him back. 

“Have pity, Chink. Think on it. What if someone were tryin’ to kill me, usin’ yer hands to do it, an’ there was nothin’ you could do to stop it?” 

There was silence in the room as Civyl finally stood, wiping the blood from his nose onto his shirt. His voice was cold and hollow. “It was as a dream, Nivia, but it was also so real. I was back at the peace keepers’ camp still trying to rescue Fiora and I believed it. I believed that what I saw in front of my eyes was genuine. A man in a hooded cloak held a dagger to Fiora’s neck and chanted the words…” 

He did not continue but Nivia finished the sentence for him. “…kill the girl. There is powerful magic at work here. It is not your fault.”

“Like Taurous it isn’t!” Chink argued. “If ‘e knew this sorcerer could take ‘im over, ‘e shouldn’ ‘ave been anywhere near ‘er!” 

“Fiora,” Alex was at least gentle, “it’s not safe to be alone with him.” 

She tried to protest but Civyl held up a hand. “Don’t argue.” His voice was harsh with unspent emotion. “He is right. If that sorcerer can reach into my very dreams… what’s to keep me from… from…” He couldn’t finish the sentence and tore his gaze from her looking to Alex instead. “Tie me up, please. Downstairs, far from her.” Alex nodded and left her side to approach him. “Never leave us alone together,” Civyl admonished. “Promise me!” he grabbed onto Alex’s shirt sleeve until he nodded.

“Civyl? Wait…” Fiora started to get up out of bed but Nivia held her back this time.

“It’s for the best, child,” She soothed as she came closer. “Demil, fetch me some boiled water so I can tend to that cut.”

Borris and Chink led the way out into the hallway before Civyl stopped in the doorway and faced her. “There is not much that I understand right now – the Sight, my curse, or this sorcerer – but I do know one thing, Fiora. I love you and I will not let you be hurt again by my hands, even if it means I can never be with you again.” He turned and walked out the door. 

Inside her chest, Fiora’s heart tore in two. Didn’t he understand? The suggestion of such a fate apart from him hurt worse than being skewered on ten swords.

The End

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