~ The Puppeteer ~ pg 2

Civyl watched her sleep as long as he could. In his double vision, she was twice as beautiful. A headache eventually forced his eyes closed and exhaustion pulled him into a restless slumber.

He was back at the peace keepers’ camp. Fiora was still their captive and Civyl was alone. Driven by his need to reach her, he ran into the fray a crazed man with his sword held high. Enemy after enemy advanced on him but Civyl outmatched them all. His blade was a deadly blur as it slashed off limbs and stabbed through chests and severed heads from necks. He would reach her and he would save her from those who held her captive. None would stand in his way!

When there was no man left standing, Civyl tore into the tent where she had been bound. She laid on the bed, her hands bound and tied to it above her head. Fear was visible in her eyes as she stared at a darkly cloaked man that sat on the edge of the bed with her. But when she spoke, her voice held only confusion. “Civyl what are you doing?”

Civyl squinted his eyes at the cloaked man and gave him a barely restrained command. “Release her!”

The man ignored his request as Fiora continued to sound bewildered, admonishing even. “Civyl? Put down your sword.”

She must be drugged or too exhausted to understand what was happening. “Release her!” he screamed at the man this time. He lifted his sword savagely, placing the point against the cloaked man’s neck. Faster than Civyl could comprehend, the cloaked man mirrored his movements, producing a dagger and placing it at Fiora’s throat.

“No!” Fiora screamed in response, “Civyl stop!” He hesitated only because of her request. Why not just kill this man like the others?

The cloaked man sneered wickedly “Kill the girl, kill the girl!“ he chanted and Civyl’s eyes widened in recognition of the phrase. This was the sorcerer who had gotten into his head! Civyl’s rage boiled over at the cursed scum and he increased the pressure of his sword on his neck. Fiora cried out in pain as the cloaked man also pressed harder. Blood now trickled down both of their necks. “Kill the girl! Kill the girl!” the man started to shout.

“Please Civyl!” she cried now, pleading with him. “Don’t do this!” 

Civyl was confused… She did not want him to save her? Or did she not trust that one strong thrust of his sword would kill the wretch before he could hurt her further?   

The sorcerer’s eyes began to glow a sickly green and he screamed out his intent in rising crescendo. “Kill the girl! Kill the girl!! KILL THE GIRL!!!”

Civyl saw the murderous hatred in his eyes. He had to act before this man decided he would wait no longer. “No! I won’t let you!” he screamed back at the malicious cur, stepping forward ready to drive his sword to the hilt. “You will NOT kill the girl!”

 Fiora screamed his name, in terror. “Civyl!”

The End

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