~ The Puppeteer ~

She was comforted to be wrapped in warmth. Arms embraced her, fingers caressed her, her eyelids flickered open and she started to find other eyes staring back so close. One blue as the Sea of Cadmire – as Civyl’s always had been; and one a deep forest green. She had so many questions she wanted to ask but her mind felt muddled with weariness and her shoulder throbbed. “Civyl…” she mumbled.

“Good morning,” he whispered. Only then did she notice that gentle sunlight was filtering into the room. It really was morning. She turned her head towards the window but even the simple effort caused her to wince. “Don’t try to move. Nivia just finished re-stitching your wound. You still need much rest. We all do after the hard night.”

He started to get up, the cool morning air chilling her skin, and she instinctively grabbed his sleeve. “Don’t go! Please, stay!”

“Hush,” Civyl soothed rubbing her hand reassuringly while he stood, “I am not going anywhere. Nivia just gave me instructions to have you drink some tea when you woke.” He crossed the room and poured her a cup, sitting down on the edge of the bed when he brought it back. “Drink. It will ease the pain and help you heal.” Fiora nodded. Nivia had made the same brew for Alex. She lifted her head to take a sip; it was slightly bitter but she drank as much as she could, knowing the benefit. 

When she was done, Civyl returned the cup before laying down and enfolding her in his warmth again. “I missed you,” she murmured, brushing the hair from his forehead. 

“And I you,” he cupped her chin and kissed her forehead. “Rest now. I will keep you safe.”

Fiora closed her eyes with a smile on her face.  They were together again. This was the way it was supposed to be. They would both be safe as long as they were together.

The End

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