~ The Rescue ~ pg 7

The man seemed glad that he was being trusted to help rather than facing the end of a sword. He nodded and placed a small amount on the cloth before addressing Fiora. “Lay back down, my Lady, so you don’t fall. Just a few deep breaths and the pain fade away as you slumber.” She nodded her understanding and deliberately breathed deeply when he placed the cloth over her nose. Her body soon went limp and the healer stepped back with a nod. “I am glad that you came tonight,” he confided, startling Civyl. “The Lady deserves the best of care and I, alas, am no earth healer. I have no magic to speed her recovery but I have heard of this Nivia. Now there is a woman of power!” His voice held such awe, Civyl doubted he had ever actually met the newly young crone and said so. The man shook his head sadly and Civyl felt he really did care about Fiora’s well being. “If only Garvis had held the same sentiment as I… our Lady could have been spared the pain of the journey here.”

Civyl nodded. He had not met the commander, apart from watching him die, and did not feel it his place to comment on his behavior. “Where will you go?” he asked him.

The man shrugged. “I wish not to return to Kavaccet with such grave news. Not alone. I would be the only one left to blame even though The Wisdom herself took away three quarters of our fighting force earlier this day.” The Wisdom? What had she wanted with Fiora? Civyl kept these questions to himself though. “I will probably bed in Brittner then move on to Hailie or maybe even Fen Wharf. I have always wanted to travel, you know. Perhaps now I can start.”

Civyl nodded again figuring he would never see the man again. “Thank you,” he offered, “for helping her tonight.” He stepped past the man and lifted Fiora’s limp form into his arms. It felt so good just to be near her again. 

He turned to walk out of the tent and the man called to him, “Take care of her!”

Civyl looked back at him and gave one final nod. “I will.”

The End

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