~ The Rescue ~ pg 6

Civyl lowered his sword and reached for his dagger instead, cutting the bonds that held her to the bed. “Are you really all right?” he asked as he helped her sit up. “Are you well enough to ride back to Nivia’s with us? It’s at least two ticks.” 

She nodded at him, though he could see she was not looking forward to it. He hated putting her through the pain of it again after what must have been an agonizing journey here. The man in the corner cleared his throat, his eyes begging permission to speak. Civyl gave him a nod. Slowly he reached into a bag and pulled out a bottle and a cloth. “I used this to ease the lady’s pain when removing the bolt.” He held it out in offer. “She will only sleep.”

Civyl took it with a frown. “How can I trust this isn’t poison?”

The old man looked appalled and seemed to gain courage from it. “Blaspheme! I would never harm Lady Fiora, Knowledge of the Air!” 

“Yet you seem fit enough to hold her hostage!”

The man deflated and looked down at his hands. “Even I must obey orders.”

Civyl held the cloth up and gave it a tentative sniff. “Careful,” Alex’s warning came from behind. “Too big a whiff and we will be carrying you both out. You can trust the man. I know the medicine. Nivia has used it many times before.”

“And,” Fiora interjected with a smirk, “I believe so have you, Alex.” 

His face flushed as he nodded an admission, but his words were for Civyl. “The sooner we get back to Nivia, the sooner she can begin to really heal,” he offered before he disappeared out of the tent again.

Civyl looked at Fiora. He would leave it up to her. “What do you think?”

“I think,” she grabbed his hand with her left one and brought it to her cheek, ”that I would much rather a nap than two hours of painful jarring any day.”

Civyl nodded at her and then handed the bottle back to the healer. “You know more about this than I do. Maybe you should give it to her.”

The End

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