~ The Rescue ~ pg 5

Picking them off, one by one, the first three soldiers went down without a sound. The fourth, however had bellowed out his rage and pain before his pierced heart failed him. So much for no hand to hand combat… All of the remaining soldiers were up, awake, and armed with their swords within minutes.

Commander Garvis’s harsh commands rang out in the night air. “Stand your ground, men! We have what they want. Make them come to us!” His booming voice made a nice target for the remaining commandeered bolts. Borris nodded to Chink and they fired at the same time. The force of impact spun him around and he fell to the ground with a satisfying thud. 

The remaining three soldiers quailed as Civyl and the Birchwoods stepped into the clearing as a unit. Their swords held ready, their countenance determined. For a few seconds they looked like they might actually try to fight against the odds until the slumbering embers woke with a flare at Civyl’s presence. The danger of fire dancers was well known to them all. The soldiers looked at each other and their fallen commander, fear visibly etched into their features, before they turned and ran south. Just past the clearing, more twangs and cries of agony filled the night. The Birchwoods had not disabled all if the commander’s tripwires. If any man survived, it was the Fates who saved him. 

Civyl hurried to the tent where Fiora blew ahead of him. An older man squawked from a corner when the tent flap burst open. Civyl instinctively lifted his sword toward the cowering mass but Fiora’s voice stayed his hand. “It’s okay, Civyl!” she breathed out as if she’d been sprinting. “He’s not a soldier. He’s their healer.”

“Please,” the man tried to placate him. “I am an old man, just of medicine. I mean you no harm.”

Civyl was still suspicious. He was part of this division… none of them deserved to live! “He helped me!” Fiora tried and he calmed. She would be alright. She would be safe. 

The End

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