~ The Rescue ~ pg 3

For a moment it hesitated before the barest of currents rippled the linen above his heart. He needed no translation to understand. “It was not deep. Chink stitched it closed.” The sudden puff of movement showed her surprise, or was it disbelief? Alex smiled for either hesitating before he continued. “I have not had time yet to thank you… for saving my life… again.” After a pause, the brush across his cheek was warm. His imagination fought with his common sense over whether it was supposed to mean more than ‘You’re welcome’.

Her presence drifted away towards the others who were still talking amongst one another and apparently also gleaning information from Fiora through Borris. Demil was speaking, “Nine men left guardin’ her and only eight of them soldiers? This is gonna to be easier than we thought.”

“That is if we can make it through without setting off their traps,” Borris muttered.

“How do we know these men don’t have sway with their elements?” Civyl argued. “The four of you didn’t seem to do so well against just two who did.”

“What kind of traps?” Alex interjected, ignoring the insult and gaining four puzzled looks. 

“We already discussed that,” Chink huffed, “weren’t you payin’ attention?”

“My stitches were bothering me,” he lied returning a jibe at Chink. “I’m paying attention now. What kind of traps?”

His brother answered with a squinted gaze. “Crossbows attached to tripwires,” he explained. “The lass says they have ‘em surrounding the camp.”

“Does she know where they are? Can she find them?” The breeze itself answered him with a lively gust and Alex smiled. “Gentlemen, we may need not sully our swords this night. Not if we use their traps against them."

The End

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