~ The Rescue ~ pg 2

They had been riding fast and hard – as Nivia admonished – for two full ticks. It was not as difficult as Alex thought it might be because Civyl’s direction had led them to the road rather quickly and then turned south. The five of them had no trouble keeping a swift gallop even in the darkness of the night as the open road allowed the moonlight to shine on the hides of the horses in front. 

Alex fell into a steady rhythm with his horse that favored his right side, but when a gust of wind came streaming through the middle of them, everyone in front of him suddenly stopped. He cursed aloud at the pain of trying to keep his steed beneath him as it dodged their flanks. “Forsaken Promise!” he cursed when the animal finally slowed. “Why have we stopped?!” He turned his angry glare on Civyl but held his tongue for the glint of tears in the man’s wide eyes. The wind gusted and swirled around him drying them before they could fall. 

Borris smiled. “She has found us again.”

Civyl’s voice was thick with emotion, “You should have told me you were hurt,” he admonished the air. “I would have been there already.” 

“You would have been alone,” Borris answered, his tone softened.

“And you would be safe!” Civyl hissed back as if he were talking to Fiora directly.

“Or more likely you’d be dead,” Demil interrupted. “Even if you could wield yer element.”

Alex stared at them all but he didn’t see them. His focus was on the breeze. The way it ruffled Civyl’s shirt and tousled his hair. It spun in tight circles one moment then meandered lazily through the closest trees. “Fiora?” he whispered too quietly for the others to hear. As he watched, the wind paused its movements elsewhere and made a gentle path towards him, it came close and spun the strands of his horse’s mane. He felt silly, just staring and even more a fool to talk to thin air but he did it anyway. “Are you alright?” The movement across his skin… it was as if she had reached out a reassuring hand and placed it on his. 

The End

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