~ The Assault ~ pg 4

“She was going to lead us to them.” Borris raised his hands in a helpless gesture that mirrored Alex’s growing confusion. Fiora had been taken! How would she be able to lead them? “But I don’t feel her here,” Borris continued too fast for Alex to get a question in edgewise.

“I have not felt her since you found us,” Civyl said gravely, shaking his head, “and now I fear she can’t come.”

“Then the spirit walker is lost to us,” Nivia grumbled with dejection. Spirit Walker. Alex had not heard that term used before except in stories. Stories about The Knowledge. That’s what the commander had called her. Could it be true? 

Whether or not it was, Alex was not willing to concede that Fiora was lost so easily and was about to shout his frustration at them when Civyl sat up a little straighter. “Saddle up, Demil, I do not need to be led. I will find her!”

“How?” Demil asked with skepticism though he still swung himself onto Nivia’s horse without hesitation.

“The same way I found her when you lot stole her,” he sneered, half-way mocking. He pulled his horse to the lead and turned back with one final instruction. “Quickly, now, or you will be left behind.” Alex nodded in respect as Civyl passed him. Whatever differences they may have had before, they shared a common purpose now.

“Go,” Nivia called from where she stood. “Ride hard, ride fast! I will have things ready here for when you return.” Civyl gave her a sharp nod before kicking his horse into a gallop. Alex watched the rest of them follow after and brought up the rear. He was sure he was the only one to hear Nivia’s final hissed instruction. “By all the Fates, you fools, come back to me safe!”

The End

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