~ The Assault ~ pg 2

Curses assaulted his darkness and with them came the pain. 

“Wrath of the Void, Alex! What new trouble ‘ave ya gotten yerself into this time?” Alex smiled at Chink’s voice. The man’s berating was comfortingly familiar. He opened his eyes to see both him and Demil staring at him in concern. 

“Oh, you know,” he mumbled lifting himself up on his right elbow and wincing with the effort, “picked a fight with a division of Peace Keepers is all; everyday run-of-the-mill stuff.” He looked around the otherwise empty room. “Where is Borris?” 

“Rode off to fetch Nivia,” Demil answered. “Don’t know how he plans to find her in this dark.” 

Desperate times called for desperate measures. “Don’t worry, Demil,” Alex smirked, “he’ll find them as sure as you’ll find your next wife.”

Chink was nodding knowingly but he was also squinting at Alex’s bandage. “You’ve soaked it through. Let me get ya a new one.” 

Alex nodded while sitting up and willed the room to stop spinning. “Bring the needle and thread, too. We don’t have time to wait for Nivia’s hand.” Chink gave a short nod before disappearing through the door. 

There was quiet for a minute before Demil looked up from scuffing his shoes together. “Is it true?” he asked, searching Alex’s face. “What Borris said about Fiora?” 

Alex met the man’s gaze and saw the worry in his creased brow. “Can’t say I know exactly what he told you, but I doubt he lied about anything.” 

“He said she’s hurt; run through with a bolt…” he paused as Alex nodded, “the same one that hit you?” 

Alex nodded again. “She stepped in front of it, Demil.” A wave of guilt washed over him for it. Wasn’t he the one who was supposed to do the saving? And after the way he’d treated her today… he hadn’t deserved her bravery. The foolish girl!

Chink came into the room with heavy footfalls. “Borris claimed she flew,” he grunted in disbelief, “faster than the bolt itself!” 

A tiny smile lifted the corner of Alex’s mouth at the blur of the memory. “I suppose she did,” he laughed dryly. “She rode the wind from five yards away… Don’t know how she made it to me first.” 

“Wind witch…” Demil breathed in awe but Chink huffed. He grabbed a stool and sat down in front of Alex with his needle and thread ready. It was not going to be a pretty scar… but it would have to do. There was no way Alex was going to leave Fiora in the hands of a bunch of Promise Keepers for even one night and all of the Birchwoods knew it too.

The End

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