~ The Assault ~

Curses assaulted her darkness and with them came the pain. 

“Forsaken promise, Garvis!” an old and weathered voice chided. “One little task – retrieve the girl unharmed – and you can’t even do that!” 

The commander’s voice was raised and defensive as he answered. “Is it my fault she jumped in front of the bolt?”

“If you can’t control your trigger happy men, then YES!” the first man roared back.

There was a moment of quiet with just a deep breath being taken before Garvis made a calm reply. “The bow jammed.” 

His temperance did not ease the tone of the older man. “Don’t give me your excuses! Just pray she hasn’t lost too much blood already.” 

Fiora opened her eyes to glowing lamplight. The world was a blur of reds and yellows and oranges. “She wakes,” a surprised female voice sounded behind her, “too soon! Quiet your arguing,” she ordered with as much authority as the commander, “and remove the bolt as you’ve been asked.” 

“Yes, my Lady,” the first man said respectfully before barking out his own orders to someone else. “Hold her!” Rough hands pushed down on her body and she tried to cry out but a sickly-sweet smelling cloth was shoved over her mouth and muffled the sound. In two breaths, darkness claimed her once again.

The End

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