~ The Rush ~ pg 2

He came thundering into the small clearing on his horse, one hand holding a torch aloft. He glanced at her youthful face as he dismounted. “Nivia?” 

“Yes, man, it is me,” she nodded but he looked cautiously to Civyl for reassurance. 

He nodded as Borris stepped closer. “It’s her, Borris. She regained her youth.” Civyl looked at the man’s harried eyes and trembling hands, “but you did not ride out here just to greet us. What is it? What is wrong?” 

Borris swallowed as he took a cleansing breath. “Soldiers.” Civyl’s heart froze at the word. “They came to the house. Alex is wounded.” 

Nivia clucked her tongue and shook her head, no fear or sympathy found its way to her voice. “Again? The foolhardy man!” she said in exasperation. “One of these days I will not be able to mend him.” 

But Civyl was worried about someone else. His eyes sought out Borris’s. “Fiora?” 

The fear he saw in them chilled him to his soul. “Taken,” he whispered and suddenly Civyl could not stand still. She was in danger. He had to get to her. He had to leave now!

He turned to grab Borris’ already saddled horse when a strong gust of wind blasted him in the chest and pushed him back.  “Hey!” he voiced his surprise as Borris’s hand gripped his shoulder. 

“Please,” his voice was desperate. “Fiora asks that you wait.” Civyl stared at the man fighting ever urge in himself not to punch him for holding him back. “She is here!” Borris exclaimed, “Can’t you feel her?” 

The wind again swirled around him ruffling his hair, brushing his cheek and then moving across his lips “Fiora?” he whispered in awe. 

Nivia took a step back, her quiet hiss held both accusation and wonder. “Spirit walker!” 

“She was taken,” Borris explained, “by many men and Fiora will lead us to them, but first she insists we tend to Alex.” 

Civyl frowned. Something inside of him could feel her getting further away from him. He shrugged free of Borris and pulled on the horse’s reigns. “I can find her without being led,” he insisted. “I will not wait.” His foot was in the stirrup ready to push himself over when an angry gust burst between the trees spooking the horse. It reared up and pulled out of Civyl’s grasp as he fell backwards. 

The End

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