~ The Singing ~ pg 9

Alex and Garvis lowered their swords as the moment allowed him to see reason. His gut reaction had almost been the death of him. If Fiora was willing to go with them, he was not going to stop her. Borris’s eyes pleaded with his brother, but what could they do? If they fought they would die. He met Fiora’s eyes, who also pleaded with him… to let her go; to live another day. Alex nodded at her and let his sword fall from his grip before raising his hands in surrender, his eyes never leaving hers. “Take her then,” he huffed. “Get this wind witch out of my sight!” 

Fiora looked hurt, but she also looked relieved. She stepped closer to the army as most men stood down. One, however, did not.

There is sometimes a moment in time when everything seems to slow down. When there is so much happening that in order for the mind to comprehend it all, the laws of physics themselves must be broken. There was a click of a trigger followed by the twang of a string which Fiora seemed to sense before he did. “ALEX!!” She was already rushing towards him, shoved by an impossible gale, desperate to reach him first. The forceful impact of her body against his mingled with the sickening sound of bolt entering flesh and a tearing pain ripping through his chest. Her scream of agony came a second later when their bodies fell together onto the ground. 

Borris cried out in despair, while Garvis cursed. 

The pressure on his chest burned like fire to the rhythm of the Fiora’s sobs and he wished the girl would get off of him. It took Alex another moment to realize she could not. When his eyes came into focus he could clearly see the back of the bolt sticking out of her right shoulder. It had gone right through her… and into him. Borris came to their side, kneeling in the grass, but he was no healer. Alex could see the desperation in his eyes. He did not know what to do.

“Idiot!” Alex heard the commander scream. “Who loosed that bolt?!” None volunteered  themselves, but Alex could guess by the sounds that fingers were being pointed. “Idiot!” Garvis roared again and another twang and thud pealed out in the night air followed by the louder thud of an armored body hitting the ground. “Anyone else want to try to kill our prize?!” he bellowed.

Again, none volunteered but he imagined they shook their heads, cowering in fear. “You, you,” Garvis barked out orders, “Hold the other one. You two, with me.” Boots hit the ground and stomped closer. Two men grabbed Borris by either arm and dragged him away from them. He didn’t fight. Garvis kneeled down in his place and scrutinized their wounds. Alex would have endured the pain of lashing out at him if Fiora didn’t moan above him. “You both live,” the commander noted. ”You are lucky. You may yet survive the night.” Alex slit his eyes at the man in disdain. He would not give him the courtesy of a response. Garvis nodded at the other two men who hovered near. “It has only gone through her flesh. I want one of you on each shoulder. We’re going to pull her off with the bolt still in her.”

“Wait, what?!” Borris yelled. “You can’t do that! It’ll rip his chest open!”

“Silence him!” Garvis snapped and Borris was soon wheezing from a blow. “Be glad, he is not dead already! She saved it from piercing his heart! “ He stood and wrapped his hand around the end of the bolt so it would not slip and his men placed the weight of one booted foot on each of Alex's upper arms.  “Brace yourself, swordsman.” He smiled a wicked smile. “This is going to hurt.”

The End

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