~ The Singing ~ pg 8

Alex did not fail to notice that she left out the details of her northern path. Garvis did not seem concerned and stood to his feet. “I’m afraid I must insist, my Lady. I cannot return empty handed. It would mean my job if not my head.” Alex narrowed his eyes. He did not know that The Wisdom had taken to threatening her commanders if they failed her. He was not surprised, though. 

“Then wait for me,” Fiora offered, “in Brittner until my business in the north is done.” Garvis shook his head at the suggestion though and she started to look desperate glancing between Borris and Alex and the army in front of them. 

“You could at least wait until morning,” Borris argued on her behalf, trying to buy them time. “I’m sure you and yours are tired from your journey. Rest here for the night and you can be on your way when the sun rises again.”

Garvis was still shaking his head, though. “I cannot,” he insisted getting a firmer grip on Fiora’s wrist. “You must come with us now. There is no choice.” He began pulling her towards his horse and Fiora yanked back, the air about them whipping in short blasts, but his hands held fast.

“Ow,” Fiora protested, “you’re hurting me!”

Borris laid hands on Garvis’s arm. “Hey, let her go!” The commander was quick to yank his arm away and strike his brother in the nose with his elbow. Borris wheeled backwards, stunned, and struggled to regain his footing while the clicks of notched bolts rang in the night.

Something inside of Alex clicked and he forgot where he was and who he was up against. There was a lady who needed rescuing in front of him from a man who had just hurt his brother… no one hurt his brother! He lifted his sword and advanced giving a shout that startled the man and drew the other men’s weapons away from Borris. “Hey! Leave her alone!” Focusing on the sword point that neared him, Garvis dropped Fiora’s hand and drew his own sword in defense. More clicks signaled armed and ready bolts waiting to rip through his body. 

“No!” Fiora cried out as a strong gust of wind pushed up among them and spooked the horses. "I’ll go with you!" she screamed, letting the wind still to nothing. Every man froze, even as their horses pranced nervously. “Please,” she continued, tugging at Garvis’s sleeve, “I’ll go with you! Just don’t hurt them.”

The End

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