~ The Singing ~ pg 3

He laughed again at her widening eyes and pulled her in a few more sweeping circles, “Well, I commissioned it at least. Chink is the one who actually grew it. Did you know his element is earth?”

Fiora shook her head at the information. She believed it; the man was hard headed enough to be a stone grower.  “But…” she questioned, “I thought ‘stone growers’ grew, well... stone.”

“Some do,” he nodded, “but that’s actually rarer than growing plants. Nivia is also of the element earth.  The best healers are since they can feel the healing properties of certain plants and even enhance them as they grow.” For a moment, Borris’s features darkened. “Those with the element of earth are rare enough that earth healers are always in short supply.” She was about to ask him why he looked so grave when the moment passed and he was smiling at her again. “Chink and I made this tree for Avery. She loved to hear me sing through it.”

Fiora stared at him in confusion. “You were here with Avery? Before she… before…” She couldn’t bring herself to finish the sentence but he didn’t need her to in order to understand.

He continued to smile though his countenance turned sad. “Oh, aye. We were here for close to three months. Once we found out she was with child, it was clear early on, that something wasn’t right. She was sick most nights and could barely keep her dinner down. There was not a healer in Kavaccet who could help her so Alex, Chink, and I brought her north, looking for someone better. Thank the Fates, we found Nivia.”

Fiora breathed deep trying to take it all in. This was the first time she’d had the opportunity to talk to Borris and was in wonder at how open he was being. After everything, he was still sharing this with her. The tree, the music, the dance… and the story behind it all. But ‘thank the Fates’? Hadn’t Avery still died in Nivia’s care?

He must have read the question in her features because he answered it. “Aye, my Avery, her soul was still swept away to dance on the sun, but Nivia kept her in this world for three more months. Three more blessed months to be with her, smile together, sing for her.” The music grew quiet as did his words and his eyes turned to search her face. “My Avery,” he sighed, “You remind me much of her. Your fiery spirit, your fierce devotion… your penchant for finding trouble.” He gave a little laugh. “I can see why Chink has kept me sequestered in my room. He is afraid.” 

The End

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